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March 6th to 23rd 2009

This cruise organized by Swan Hellenic was entitled 'Cape to Cape' as it started in Ushuaia (Argentina) nearest town to Cape Horn and finished in Cape Town nearest town to the Cape of Good Hope.

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Our Journey

We left about 2130 on March 6th from Ushuaia and by the next morning we were off Cape Horn.  Drakes passage notorious for its bad weather was Drakes Pond and over the next few days we sailed across the waters searching for wildlife.

Antarctic -8257Antarctic -8267Black-browed Albatross-3Antarctic -8251Black-browed Albatross-5       Click HERE

Some of the wildlife seen across Drakes Passage on our way to Half Moon Island

 Grey-headed Albatross   Grey-headed Albatross      Click HERE

Wandering Albatross       34269410533427752738342694775134277447543427751576      Click HERE

Black-browed Albatross  3423975281342478375234247847183537961599   Click HERE

Giant Petrel                      342445142634244526303423647719   Click HERE

Early on March 9th we anchored off Half Moon Bay and took to the zodiacs to reach the shore.  It was still early morning when I arrived and the light was not good but we soon walked over to where the Chinstrap Penguins were standing around molting.  There were many young Fur Seals playing along the beach and an odd Gentoo Penguin.  The Brown Skuas were busy fighting over food.  After a stroll along the beach it was time, all too soon, to make our way back to the ship.

3425681355342649337434264968203426497708342569260334265042903425677959                    Click HERE   

Brown Skuas

342398432934247945643423988213                     Click HERE

Antarctic Fur Seal

342356177334243766243423554607342355164534235463933423537999342433956634235280493424382736            Click HERE

Chinstrap Penguins

3424802558342480075834239947013423999569342400535734248195963424019293                     Click HERE  


Imperial (Blue-eyed) Shag       34236410273424450048                    Click HERE

After lifting the anchor we sailed alongside Livingstone Island viewing the majestic mountains covered in snow.  There was the occasional Iceberg and several sightings of Humpback Whales.

Livingstone Island


34266096043425804223342580877934257950913425763719                Click HERE

Humpback Whale       34256983693426507736              Click HERE

Towards the end of the afternoon the weather deteriorated as we tried to enter Neptune's Bellows on Deception Island. 

3426285164342547913534262907643425484235                    Click HERE

The next morning, March 10th, we arrived at Elephant Island the place where Shackleton and his men set foot on land for the first time in 497 days.  We were able to get in close to Point Wild where some of Shackleton's men waited for the 'Boss' to return and rescue them.  There is a small bronze bust of the captain of the Chilean Navy ship who lead

34263378543425531421342553382934263453303426347838342554151134255464793425548651    Click HERE 

Snowy Sheathbill       342445694034244591803423654537               Click HERE

We left Elephant Island for South Georgia a voyage which would take us 2 days but which took Shackleton 18 days.

Cape Petrel   34244474823423641643           Click HERE


Soft-plumaged Petrel     3424462214       Click HERE

Light-mantled Sooty Albatross     3423652561342446377434244615783424463460         Click HERE

Fairy Prion     3538702831    Click HERE          

Great Shearwater

3425606581342641488434256059773425605249342560488934264132383426412872342641256034256036853425603211       Click HERE  

We arrived in South Georgia on March 13th.  A very pleasant day as we landed close to the Whalers Cemetery from our Zodiacs.  King and Gentoo penguins were there to greet us along with some cheeky juvenile fur seals.  We were able to walk up to a lake where the surface was very flat before descending to Grytviken to see the old whaling station, museum and post office.

South Georgia - Elsehul Bay

34260905053426906990342610136134261067273426923380342692758634261211873426938632             Click HERE

South Georgia - Grytviken

34271167323427148034342715646834263417413426321683342715907634263519773426268895          Click HERE

King Penguin

342654909834257390833423648419         Click HERE

Gentoo Penguin

34256001873425599609342640708034255967033425601379342641068234264114323425602913          Click HERE         

South Georgia (Blue-eyed) Shag

3423656189                 Click HERE


35391795323539201458353919359835383738133538371575353917345035391689583539160416               Click HERE

Six nights later we arrived at Tristan da Cunha.  The swell was too great for us to land but the local shop keepers came on board and the Antarctic Terns gave a splendid display from the aft of the ship.

Nightingale Island

342602713734260314913426831974342602066534268276663426823782342600995534260058233426813136        Click HERE

Tristan da Cunha

352561149235248031413525606004352560388635256008943524792411352559520035256177503525614066     Click HERE

Antarctic Tern

342396371334247721383423964897342477351634247739503424771226     Click HERE               

Atlantic Petrel    3423639357           Click HERE


Shy Albatross  3423648985            Click HERE 

Broad-billed Prion

34247867743423978909342397941534239797913424788194               Click HERE

Yellow-nosed Albatross

342696465134269655393426965785342778002234277819703427781854                 Click HERE  

White-chinned Petrel

34277608103426953095342695268134277624803426954095342776350634277641303427764566     Click HERE         

Four nights later we arrived off the Cape of Good Hope and sailed along the coast to Cape Town. 

Cape Fur Seal

34268949503426895748                 Click HERE

Southern Right Whale

3426912613342691197934269111613427717790342771426234277237063426917385342692119334277335563426926591      Click HERE  

Cape Town

342867733234286746043428672278342787002534278726953427876269342787839734286978343428694268      Click HERE              


342597929134267822863425969011342596301534259854733425989881                     Click HERE

A day coach trip was made Cape Town to the Cape of Good Hope and to see the African Penguins at Boulders Beach before a visit to the National Botanical Gardens at Kirstenbosch.

Swift Tern

3426932217342774016434277405983426932701342693312534277424203427742838                     Click HERE

Cape Cormorant

34286645483428667352342866770834278528273428670222          Click HERE  (to reveal the beak!)

Cape of Good Hope

3528608960352779220535277880053527778671                        Click HERE

African Penguin

3424160686342335521734233555653424168234342336232934233639593423364861                        Click HERE


        Plants of South Africa

               34268640943426860096342686590834268696043426066829342607082334268869603426893910           Click HERE

       Land Birds of South Africa

       35281857923527373081    Hadeda Ibis                                        Click HERE                 

              35273692633528177744     Egyptian Goose                                     Click HERE                         
              352737527135273750393527373393       Cape Robin Chat                   Click HERE
             3528187020       Blacksmith Plover                                               Click HERE                           

             35273641413527362055    Ostrich                                                     Click HERE 

            352817093235273594913528170694         Hartlaob's Gull                     Click HERE
            3527359227   Helmeted Guinea Fowl                                            Click HERE

           3528168584      Cape Wagtail                                                           Click HERE                   


       Small Animals of South Africa


3423497867342431730634234931173423501369           Rock Hyrax                        Click HERE
3423489051      Gemsbok                                                                            Click HERE
34242965423423482231     Baboon                                                                   Click HERE
3423504649    Gecko                                                                                     Click HERE